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About Us


We are amanufacturing company with a clear mission: to help companies create their best products yet, using the finest quality calcium carbonate. We are a big company that researches, develops and manufactures premium calcium carbonate to clients all across the Middle East and Asia.

Since the early 80’s we have been the preferred supplier for Owners of large industries to supply their requirements of Calcium Carbonate We have grown to be the best performing and most trusted calcium carbonate provider in the Middle East and and other parts of the earth. Our mission is to continue exceeding the boundaries of innovation to support our clients and partners strive in today’s competitive environment Our values are integrity, quality, and sustainability, and that’s what our clients can consistently expect from our team, services, and products.

Why Arosha?

  • Use of state-of-the-art machinery to provide a growing scope of services and product mix.
  • A Highly specialized and trained team combined with a knowledgeable multicultural sales team ensures highest customer satisfaction.
  • Refreshingly innovative operation.
  • Committed, entrepreneurial and professional operations and management.


AROSHA continuously invests in technological advancements that can help:


Reduce overhead costs.

By increasing the efficiency factor while improving the quality, we reduce the additional production costs so that the product is available to the customers at a reasonable price.


Minimize errors.

Eliminating all the errors in the production and packaging process is emphasized by the company’s directorship, and the repetition of errors is not acceptable to him.


Diversify product portfolio.

Due to continuous communication with the industry sector, we are always producing products according to the needs of customers.


Improve quality.

Continuous care to increase the quality of products is carried out by the research and development unit of our company.

Ali.a Rahimi

Manager of the Company


Production Manager


Customer service