Arosha Powder Factories Industrial Group

The largest micronized mineral production plant in the Middle East and Asia

Coated Calcium Carbonate Factory

Arvosha Industrial Group of Factories

Arosha Industrial Group of Factories, as the first extensive industrial complex in Iran, takes responsibility for supplying raw materials for many industries across the country in terms of high production capacity, competitive product quality, and pricing. With exclusive access to high-quality mines, extensive cargo transportation, product exports, and the utilization of automatic production lines, we have transformed into the largest producer of micronized mineral products in Iran.


High quality product supply

All Arosha powder products are sent to international markets with very high quality.


Strong and export packaging

We send our products to global markets in very strong and beautiful packaging.


The world’s first brand

We are the largest and most well-known active brand in the field of mineral powders in the world


Dedicated Support

Quickly cultivate optimal processes and tactical architectures. Completely iterate covalent strategic theme areas via accurate e-markets.

Built-In Advantages


Observing the quality standards of its customers; Aroshapowder, which has adopted the principle of production with a 7/24 six-step control system without compromising its quality understanding yesterday, today and tomorrow, has ISO approved quality certificates with its
environmentally friendly practices.

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Our expert engineer staff is in constant communication with our customers; provides need-oriented technical support. Customer requests are answered within 24 hours.

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Our R&D laboratories, which contain the latest technologies, are sector and customer based; With more than 63 engineers and technicians, in line with the changing sector needs of our valued customers, without sacrificing innovation in a quality-oriented manner, adding to them every day; It continues to work on final product development, adapting to sectoral changes and making a difference.

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We deliver our products to customers around the world through a large international transportation network consisting of hundreds of trucks, ocean liners, and railroads. You can experience peace of mind in doing business with us.

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Coated and micronized products; In the high-tech machinery and production facilities, high efficiency, fast production is realized, with the same stability under all conditions, with the same quality.

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Aroshapowder 100% from its own quarries and approved the quality gained from suppliers of high purity (99.6%) and industrial minerals with high whiteness, the most qualified without harming the nature of iran and world markets “GCC” (Graund Calcium Carbonat.

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